New Web Site Up & Running!

After lengthy delays due to the holidays, end-of-year matters, work, and general non-techiness (is that even a word?), our new web site is finally available (if you’re reading this, obviously you figured that one out!). I also created a new logo which is being used on both this site and our Facebook page.

I’ve never had to deal with getting a domain name attached to a different web site host, so it was a little challenging, but the fine folks at WordPress had the right answer for me. I was ecstatic when I saw the A Name records I added worked. Whoo hoo!!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the look of the new web site, including ease of navigation, usefulness, etc. I want it to be user friendly and useful. If you can think of anything I should add, or something I should not – let me know!

Now that the web site is functional, I’ll try to regularly update and provide content via blog posts, such as this. Again, if you have suggestions, contact me.

The latest on meetings for 2021 – we missed our March meeting window but are trying to put something together for May. I’ll keep you updated via posts here and on our Facebook page, which you can access by clicking the Facebook icon right here on this site.

See you soon!

Angela Classen, Newsletter Editor/Webmaster

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